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We are all facing unprecedented circumstances... Our lives have been upended by a collective experience unlike any other in modern history - our assumed expectations of “normal” paused or cancelled - our emotions thrown into a strange new void…

But rather than sitting idle, waiting and worrying, why not do what we do best! Creativity and storytelling remains a constant of our community and we want to harness this power to ultimately produce a quarantine time capsule - a collage of our community spirit and experience.

For this new category, we ask you to submit 1-3 minute vlog, music videos, documentary, or POV-style videos that share your COVID-19 pandemic experience. Show us your personal journey and the impact these unprecedented circumstances are having on your life: Family, friendships, relationships, your milestone events like prom, graduation, sports, hobbies, your hopes and fears, your “new” daily routines - Anything goes, BUT PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS AS AN OPPORTUNITY TO EXPLOIT UNSAFE ACTIVITIES THAT PUT YOU OR OTHERS AT RISK. STAY HOME AND STAY SAFE - BUT KEEP CREATING LIKE ONLY YOU CAN!

*Unlike our other categories that only allow submissions from high-school-age filmmakers (and younger) this category is open to our entire community - INCLUDING AAHSFF ALUMNI AND TEACHERS! So please, share your stories with us.

**International submissions are also encouraged and welcome!

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.